Social Commitment

This program is based on 4 action points that encompasses all the parts in which quinoa is present from its production to commercialization.

1- Supply chain relationships

Shorter and more collaborative supply chains can engender trust and confidence, naturalcos bio products selects the suppliers with social guidelines only.

Importers with social programs: naturalcosbio only works with importers that support organic grow and the organic movement with Proper Working Conditions.

Projects developed in origin: Naturalcos superfoods supporting directly the communities, March 2018

2- Energy and climate.

Circle economy: we promote the Reuse and refill of our packaging with any other food

“Our responsibility does not end when we sell one of our products. Reducing the impact of our packaging is a priority pillar of our company but it is also driving the increase in recycling rates and new forms of packaging uses.”

Our packaging can be used up to 2 years…

Reuse the little fella:

  • Keep your coffee, tea bags,  sugar or rice  neatly stowed inside me
  • Let me help you keep  your pencils  neat and tidy
  • Save your pennies. I make the perfect piggy bank.
  • Stack me up to make a neat little garage for your toy cars.

3- BioScore project

The Qr BioScore code developed by NaturalcosBio summarizes in a simple way the composition of the materials used in their products.

The QR code Bioscore aims to take into account the company’s responsibility in the use of more biodegradable or recyclable materials and help the consumer to get to know the impact of their purchase.

4- Social action: Solidarity projects.

Through foundations we intend to collaborate in programs of child nutrition and food hygiene. We have collaborated with the ALALAY association, donating real Quinoa for children’s canteens in Bolivia.

This is where the project “Growing with real Quinoa” was born, which is an action that aims to provide this nutritious food in the infant stage and provide its nutrients in this growth phase with a top quality product and in all its varieties, red quinoa Black and white