Active Quinoa Shake – Energy

13,95 IVA incl

Active Quinoa Shake has a high nutritional value which provides the protein boost, and the energy packed superfoods necessary get the day off to a good start.

Healthy chocolate flavoured  smoothie ideal for a nutritious breakfast or as a snack for the whole family.

A great source for the energy needed to complete the tasks of the day.

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Ingredients: Instant Quinoa (*), Hemp Protein (*), Defatted Cocoa (*), Maca (*), Chia (*), Carob (*), Lucuma (*), Coconut Sugar (*), Chocolate Aroma , Vanilla aroma

DON’T THROW ME AWAY!  #bioscore

Our belief in reducing the negative environmental impact of packaging is a pillar of priority within our company. We promote the multipurpose reuse of our packaging in its original form.

Reuse the little fella:

  • Keep your coffee, tea bags,  sugar or rice  neatly stowed inside me
  • Let me help you keep  your pencils  neat and tidy
  • Save your pennies. I make the perfect piggy bank.
  • Stack me up to make a neat little garage for your toy cars.


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