Good news for the planet

We are aware that a diet free of additives, pesticides and processed products increases our levels of physical and emotional well-being. Feeding with natural, ecological, 100% pure products that are easily absorbed and assimilated, benefits all the metabolic functions that our system performs daily.

With our products we promote a healthy lifestyle and according to the nature of our body.

NaturalcosBio containers are recyclable or reusable

Our responsibility does not end when we sell one of our products. Reducing the impact of our packaging is a priority pillar of our company but it is also promoting the increase in recycling rates and new forms of packaging uses.

Our goal: Give the container a second life before being recycled

Packaging management is one of the axes of the sustainability strategy that establishes its specific and measurable objectives.

We are committed to using more environmentally friendly packaging through three strategic lines:

Apply ecodesign on packaging to make them more sustainable and biodegradable
Reduce waste generation, by reusing containers as food containers or use in our homes
Recycle the containers once used.
“Currently, all our packages are already 100% recyclable or reusable”

Organic products

Organic food supplements and real quinoa for a healthy and natural diet. Food certified in origin by USDA organic and Biolatina from organic farming, we control its traceability with the rules of the European Union (EC) No 834/2007 of 28 June 2007, we ensure products produced and respectful with the environment. Meet our quality

Crops and supply chain

Strengthen relationships with producers, who help farmers move to bio farming to reduce or even suppress the use of pesticides, thanks to the development of biodiversity.

We cooperate with associations in origin in social feeding programs


We have never used and will never use generically modified ingredients. We ask all our suppliers to sign our code of ethics and we know the traceability of all our products according to the organic production products protocol

Sustainable marketing

All our catalogs and labels are certified recycled materials 100% recovered from household waste. For our product labels we use chlorine-free paper with FSC Chain of custody certificate. The promotional paper used is the same used by organizations such as GREENPEACE with the official German environmental certificate “Der Blaue Engel”.