Vegan quinoa shakes active superfoods

Instant energy boost, antioxidants and vitamin C you need daily. Low density caloric, restorative. 100% pure product without additives, easy assimilation by the body, good digestion and rapid preparation.

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Captain Quinoa, an exclusive quinoa based and cocoa mix of proteins, vitamins and minerals to complement the taste and goodness of dairy or plant based milks.

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Detox Green Flash Smoothie

Ingredients 1 Spoon of Vegan Quinoa Shake Detox-15g 1 ripe Kiwi 1 tablespoon chia seeds…

Antiox Smoothie Berry Booster

Ingredients 1 spoon of Vegan Quinoa Shake Antiox-15g 1 cup blueberries ½ Cucumber ½ Fresh…

Pre Work Out Protein shake Banana Energy

Ingredients 1 3 scoops of Sport Quinoa Shake-30g 1 cup instant oatmeal ½ banana 2…

Maca Cacao Pleasure Bowl

Start the day with this Breakfast Ingredients 1 spoon of Active Quinoa Shake Chocolate ½…

BIO – Vegan – Gluten free – Clean label – Functional foods

We combine high quality superfoods with a base of quinoa and vegetable protein to create nutritious and healthy gluten-free smoothies of high biological value. Enhanced with the therapeutic properties of quality, organic ingredients our smoothies provide a convenient and enjoyable way to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

A balanced diet, free from chemical additives, pesticides and processed products  helps to increase energy levels and maintain or restore health.

Consuming  easy to digest, natural and  ecological products facilitates the development and maintenance of the metabolic functions preformed by our bodies daily.

Ideal for breakfast or as a snack for the whole family. : Antiox, Detox, Energy.

Ready in one minute. Just add water, dairy milk , or a plant based milk substitute. Excellent for preparing sweet recipes of all kinds!